About us

Liter of Light is a global non-profit project, which operates in more than 20 countries. Our main aim is to provide independent lighting solutions for the homes of people with insufficient financial resources. We strive to do this by building solar bottle lamps that use a solar panel, battery, LED chips and of course a recycled plastic bottle.

Here in the Dominican Republic we are a group of dominican and international volunteers trying to light up as many lives as possible.

Our goals...

  • Improvement of living standards by offering lasting, affordable and safe lighting solutions
  • Achieving sustainable development and fighting human-caused ecological problems, social inequality and lack of education in the benefitted communities by means of partnerships with other projects
  • Educating about sustainable energy, environmental protection and climate change

Our values...

  • Sustainability – we are trying hard to keep every step of our work as sustainable as possible. This includes low consumption of energy and plastics, recycling of PET-bottles as well as low CO2-emissions and environmentally suitable waste disposal
  • Sincerity – we know our lamps will not last for eternity, but we ensure you that every single lamp will be constructed with all of our care
  • Progress – we are striving every day to improve the design of our lamps

 Ryan Bowen - President and Director
Ryan Bowen - President and Director

My name is Ryan Bowen. After a decade of doing development work in the Caribbean, I took over the leadership of Liter of Light in 2016 seeking strategic alliances with International Institutions and local NGOs to take on headfirst the issue of plastic pollution and great need for environmental consciousness raising.  


I believe everyone works off of incentives, what better way to motivate others to turn their garbage into something that has the value of brightening up someone's day!

 Nicolai Rapp - Founder
Nicolai Rapp - Founder

My name is Nicolai Rapp. I´m doing a voluntary service in the Dominican Republic for the duration of two years. After seven months I started up this project here besides my work in the environmental education. Daily I could see many of the 250,000 families in this country that are still living without electricity in their houses. Candles and cerosene lamps are polluting their environment, risking fires and eating up a big part of their small income. Even in areas with access to electricity, the project helps families to save a significant amount of money. Liter of Light brings them affordable, clean and sustainable solar lighting solutions. I'm being supported by about two dozen motivated german and dominican volunteers.





My name is Jenny Checo and I am Dominican. I worked with ecological and art projects in poor communities and with an intercultural exchange between Dominican Republic and Haiti. Now I decided to work with ‘Litro de Luz’ because I want to help families who are still living without light in my country. Also I want to create an impact, motivate and inspire other young Dominicans for working with ‘Litro de Luz’ to improve the quality of life of the Dominican people.






My name is Carlos and I joined Liter of Light because it's a project that effectively tackles the problem of solid plastic waste and community development through environmental education. 


I studied ecological sustainability at the university and once I saw Litro de Luz in action, I saw that it was putting into practice what I believe in!

Benedikt Kohl - Webdesign and Cameraman
Benedikt Kohl - Webdesign and Cameraman

My name is Benedikt Kohl. I am doing a voluntary year in the Dominican Republic. Besides my work, which is mostly the creation of maps for Centro Naturaleza, I will participate in 'Liter of Light' as much as possible, because I like the project and I realized there is really a high amount of households in need of light in this country. I am responsible for the online presence of the project. Also, I will film the activities and results of our work and show them online.



My name is Amaury and I joined Liter of Light because it's a project that helps the community and in the same time educates. It gives the tools to have clean and sustainable energy. There are only few projects like this that motivate to recycle and upcycle in such a beneficious way in my country.

The biggest motivation to me for being part of Liter of Light, is that all the volunteers come together and share from their different cultures and backgrounds and we treat each other like a big family. We always have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot and enjoy the whole time that we spend inside the project. We are more than a family and these friendships will last for a lifetime.

But the most important person is YOU! Because without your help the project won't keep growing...